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Star Trek TNG - Season 4 - Episode 20

Star Trek TNG - 4x20 - QPid

Originally Aired: 1991-4-22

Q complicates a reunion with Picard's old flame. [DVD]

My Rating - 9

Fan Rating Average - 5.54

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- When Vash tripped all over her dress, that wasn't actually scripted. She messed up the scene, but they left it in because they thought it was true to Vash's character; that she wouldn't know how to wear such a garment.

Remarkable Scenes
- Beverly barging in on Vash and Picard.
- Picard, not wanting to divulge his personal relationship with Beverly to Vash in his introduction: "Uh, that's all right, uh, allow me to introduce you. This is uh Beverly. Doctor Beverly. Doctor, Doctor Beverly Crusher."
- Picard getting all tense in the company of Beverly and Vash.
- Riker hitting on Vash.
- Riker: "How was the reception?" Picard with a dismal tone, not looking at Riker, and not slowing down in his pace to his ready room: "Splendid."
- Q's appearance.
- Picard: "I've just been paid a visit by Q." Riker: "Q? Any idea what he's up to?" Picard: "He wants to do something nice for me." Riker: "I'll alert the crew."
- Picard trying to avoid being seen going to Vash's quarters.
- Picard's crew in the audience slowly changing into Robin Hood characters. I especially like when Data goes to raise his hand and finds he is holding a giant leg of meat.
- Worf: "Sir, I protest! I am not a merry man!"
- Vash's reaction to being transported into the Robin Hood fantasy.
- Worf smashing Geordi's guitar.
- The sword fight.
- Vash deciding to go with Q to see the universe.

My Review
An episode with absolutely incredible continuity. Firstly, this episode picks up on the events from TNG: Captain's Holiday, with Vash's character returning. It also picks up on TNG: Déjà Q regarding the favor Q owes Picard. Finally, it will later run into DS9: Q-Less which will pick up on the adventures Q and Vash have together. That said, it functions wonderfully as a stand alone episode as well. It has action, adventure, humor, and it holds the interest. Truly one of TNG's most memorable episodes.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Whoa Nellie on 2007-04-15 at 2:56pm:
    This episode is a perfect 10! If you're going to have someone who is not a Trek fan or even a sci-fi fan watch an episode of TNG, this is the episode to have them watch. Like the TOS's 'Trouble with Tribbles,' Qpid is pure, unmitigated fun! Patrick Stewart's Picard doing Errol Flynn's Robin Hood, you just have to love that! Picard and Vash have a very compelling 'battle of wills' dynamic to their romantic relationship. The combination of Picard/Vash and Q is unbeatable. Star Trek at its character driven best!
  • From DSOmo on 2007-08-26 at 4:15am:
    - When Q barges into Vash's room and discovers a rescue note to Riker, Q calls for the guards. The guards rush in, grab Vash, and march her out of the room. She's already in a cell in the tower. Just where are they taking her?
    - When Q returns the crew to the Enterprise, Picard immediately notices that Vash is missing. Picard taps his communicator and asks the computer to locate Vash. The computer replies that Vash is not on board the Enterprise. I thought the computer used the communicators to locate people. Vash doesn't have a communicator. So how does the computer know Vash isn't on board?
  • From Dio on 2009-01-02 at 4:35pm:
    I had to rate this episode 10. Vash is a great character, representing both romance and adventure, so she automatically gives this episode 5 points. Q is always fantastic and adds another 2. The last 3 come from the humor, production and continuity.

    I wish Vash had made one more appearance in TNG. maybe this could have been a 2 parter with the second episode focusing more on Picard and Vash before Q whisks her away...
  • From John on 2010-12-31 at 11:49am:
    Worf saying "Nice legs. For a human." -- priceless.
  • From CAlexander on 2011-05-26 at 8:45pm:
    This episode feels aimless. Q pops in and argues with Picard, then puts him in some random situation for no apparent reason, then they act out part of an old movie. I did, however, like some of the funny bits, like Picard being embarrassed by Vash and Worf's reaction to becoming a merry man.
    - It is cool that Vash tries to use guile to manipulate the imaginary characters, which puzzles Q since he knows, as do we, that the Enterprise crew would be too principled for such a thing.
  • From Mike Chambers on 2013-11-18 at 12:35am:
    Pointless, boring, cheesy episode with a few laughs scattered about. The only bad episode of TNG starring Q. This one gets a big fat ZERO from me. Vash is the worst TNG guest star. Even worse than the traveler, that creepy interdimensional space-pedo.
  • From Axel on 2015-03-17 at 6:57pm:
    Either Q endowed Picard's team with special swordfighting skills for the purpose of this fantasy, or fencing is apparently a top past time for most of the senior officers :) I could see Picard himself learning to fence, and obviously Worf has a natural weapon proficiency. But LaForge? How the hell did he so good with a blade?

    Anyway, this is a pretty amusing episode. It was good to see Vash again as she is the perfect woman to trip up Picard a bit. There are a lot of scenes I also enjoyed in this one, aside from the ones listed by the OP. For some reason, the scene where Riker is fighting one of the soldiers while Q is munching on a piece of chicken really cracked me up.

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