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Hi there, I'm Eric Newport

Kethinov is my online pseudonym and the title of my weblog.

I'm a software developer and a popular sci-fi TV and film critic from Silicon Valley. This website is home to the various articles, reviews, editorials, and other assorted content I've authored over the years.

I'm currently working as a senior user interface engineer at PayPal where I have written code for products such as the PayPal Mobile app, the PayPal Mobile portal, PayPal Here, Mobile Express Checkout, the PayPal Security Key, and many others.

In the past I have worked for Google on GMail in 2007 and Yahoo! on Yahoo! Local also in 2007 as well as Yahoo! Messenger (writing plugins for the Windows version) in 2006.

I have a passion for Linux and free software, particularly Ubuntu and Android. My other interests include creative writing, digital art, and various forms of video gaming. When I'm not working, I spend my time working on my hobby projects, writing articles and reviews on this site, and generally living life to its fullest.

This website serves as a portfolio of my collective works, a place for me to express thoughts and ideas artistically, and as a valuable resource for the multitudes of topics I choose to cover.

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  • GTalk: kethinov@gmail.com
  • AIM: kethinov

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