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Star Trek TNG - Season 1 - Episode 20

Star Trek TNG - 1x20 - Heart of Glory

Originally Aired: 1988-3-21

Klingon fugitives take over the Enterprise. [DVD]

My Rating - 6

Fan Rating Average - 6.5

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- Why was the commander of the Klingon ship standing in front of a Federation emblem set beside a Klingon emblem?
- When Worf addresses the Klingon commander, if you look up toward the top of the screen, you can see a microphone dangling over his head.

- This is the first Klingon episode in TNG.

Remarkable Scenes
- Seeing through Geordi's eyes was fascinating. I was just as disappointed as Picard when the questioning about Geordi and his VISOR was forced to cease.
- The dialog between Worf and the guest Klingons is great.
- Our first sight of the Klingon death ritual. Data's later explanation of the Klingon death ritual is just as good.
- The Klingons escaping the brig is excellently done.

My Review
The opening was highly thrilling. Especially with Geordi transmitting his visuals and the discovery of the Klingons. The rest of the episode plays out just as well. Only the antagonist Klingons' battle desires are nonsensical. But it doesn't hurt too much. This episode is a real thriller and a first season classic.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From DSOmo on 2007-06-03 at 4:31pm:
    When Riker hears that the Enterprise will head toward the Neutral Zone, he suggests that they separate the saucer section. Yet, when the Klingon has a phaser pointed at the dilithium chamber, the Enterprise faces imminent destruction and no one even mentions separating the saucer.
  • From a2a on 2012-02-09 at 1:41am:
    What ever happened to the "least force necessary" ethos? As soon as there are Klingons on board, its as if everyone suddenly forgets that their phasers have a stun setting... Is the thirst for glorious battle really that infectious?

    I can understand why Warf would want to kill the second Klingon (although I don't understand why no one gave him any flak for it, Picard included). But I completely don't understand why the security team clearly had their phasers on some "red hot, burn straight through to the opposite side of Klingon torso" setting. Not only did the first Klingon die because of this, but this recklessness with the phasers directly caused them to lose one of their own crew: during the escape, the second Klingon picks up a Starfleet phaser and shoots and kills a security officer - it was obviously already set to kill.

    What gives? Do we all have a bit of Klingon in us or something?

    In the very beginning, before the away team beams to the freighter, Riker instructs, "Set phasers to stun, and lets be ready for anything." I guess the stun setting is good enough for anything...anything except Klingons, at which point its OK to crank your boomstick up to maximum, unintended consequences be damned.
  • From Cary on 2016-07-20 at 11:23am:
    The Klingon commander is standing in front of a Federation emblem next to a Klingon emblem because of the alliance.
  • From tigertooth on 2017-03-10 at 10:53pm:
    So Worf shoots the Klingon, the Klingon falls face first... and crashes through the floor? Did I miss something or did that gangway shatter awfully easily?

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