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BSG TOS 1978 - Season 1 - Episode 23

BSG TOS 1978 - 1x23 - Take the Celestra - Originally Aired: 1979-4-1

My Rating - 2

Fan Rating Average - 5.67

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Starbuck's rekindled romance with his old love Aurora takes a back seat when he and Apollo become embroiled in a life-or-death struggle for control of the battlestar Celestra, ruled by the iron-fisted Commander Kronus. [DVD]

- So, the Celestra loses its engines... and stops? Why can't intertia carry them?

- Chronos held the flag of the 4th Colonial Fleet, aboard the Battlestar Rykon.

Remarkable Scenes
- The ceremony at the beginning.
- The revelation about the conditions on the Celestra.

My Review
Bad science and poor timing ruins an otherwise viable episode. It makes little sense that by now, this mutiny hasn't already taken place. Furthermore, it makes no sense for a the fleet to be constantly exhausting fuel in order to maintain speed. An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an external force. There's no external stopping force in space. Finally, how quickly a shuttle can be completely lost from the fleet hardly seems realistic. Conversely, the swift magical upgrades performed on the shuttle's sensors seemed equally unlikely. Sadly, the plot hinges on these weaknesses and the episode is hard to take seriously because of it.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Hugo on 2011-10-20 at 1:49pm:
    I kind of liked it, and Aurora was cute. I didn't have a big problem with the science - I can live with that - but I thought it was a bit unclear who was in on Chakra's plan. Also - how would he have gotten rid of Kronos if the group with Aurora and Damon would not have needed to be shuttled off?

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