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Star Trek LD - Season 1 - Episode 04

Star Trek LD - 1x04 - Moist Vessel

Originally Aired: 2020-8-26

Captain Freeman seeks the ultimate payback after Mariner blatantly disrespects her in front of the crew. A well-meaning Tendi accidentally messes up a Lieutenant's attempt at spiritual ascension and tries to make it right.

My Rating - 2

Fan Rating Average - 4.6

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Remarkable Scenes
- Ransom: "She's having a great time." Freeman: "What?!" Ransom: "She's finding little ways to inject joy into otherwise horrible tasks." Freeman: "Then give her worse jobs!" Ransom: "I've got her emptying [bleep] out of the holodeck's [bleep] filter!" Freeman: "...Ugh. People really use it for that?" Ransom: "Oh yeah, it's mostly that."

My Review
This one is mostly a swing and miss. Captain Durango almost got a bunch of people killed for no reason and nearly destroyed a priceless artifact. The whole thing was a petty manufactured conflict. The ascension subplot was annoying too. So apparently anyone can become an energy being now just by studying some alien religion? Plus it's entirely unclear why some replicators would have better food than others given that the whole point of replicators is to eliminate scarcity. Ransom's hysterical remark heavily implying people primarily use holodecks for sex is worth an extra point though. But one really good scene does not an episode make.

The following are comments submitted by my readers.

  • From Azalea Jane on 2021-08-06 at 5:47pm:
    I wouldn't take the potential ramifications of this show too seriously. I'm pretty sure the whole "ascension" thing was a gag that isn't supposed to make any canonical statements about how religions work in the Star Trek universe.

    Agreed it's weird about the replicators. Maybe Starfleet is so rank-and-file that they use yummier food as a perk of being promoted? Perhaps to encourage better behavior? I dunno. Interesting question.

    I thought the joke was that people mostly use the holodeck to go to the bathroom, but obviously sex makes more sense. 😆 I wonder why the holodeck doesn't just dematerialize the [bleep]?

    "Computer, hit it."

    "Hitting it."

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