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Star Trek TAS - Season 2 - Episode 03

Star Trek TAS - 2x03 - The Practical Joker

Originally Aired: 1974-9-21

While studying an asteroid, the Enterprise is attacked by three Romulan vessels which claim that the Federation ship has trespassed into Romulan space. [Blu-ray] [DVD]

My Rating - 5

Fan Rating Average - 4.96

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- This is the first episode of Star Trek to feature a holodeck, though still called a rec room at this time.

Remarkable Scenes
- Practical jokes happening to the crew.
- Kirk's uniform defaced: KIRK IS A JERK
- The sight of the first working holodeck.
- Kirk tricking the computer into entering the energy field again.

My Review
This episode is remarkable in that it shows more about daily life aboard the Enterprise than virtually any other episode. This is also the first episode to feature a malfunctioning ship's computer as a plot device. However, aside from the nice change of pace and a welcome Romulan appearance, the episode is extremely immature. The episode is above average by TAS standards, but not by much.

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