Linux (x86) PSX Emulation

I've decided to dedicate a page to PSX emulation under Linux.

In my experience, PSX emulation is quite a bit more flaky in Linux than it is in Windows. To make stuff work, you have few options. And hardware requirements are a little strict. My guide presumes the following:

Now that that's out of the way, we'll jump right in.

To download emulators and plugins, check out To download games, psx bios images, or learn how to make uncopyprotected CD images, google for a site less legal than mine.

Alternatively, you can download my custom PCSX build designed for easy PCSX deployments on Linux systems. It contains PCSX 1.5 and every known Linux input, gpu, and spu plugin is properly installed. I compiled omnijoy for you, and I included my hidden config file patch. This package should contain everything you need to play PSX games in Linux. All you need to do is supply a BIOS image (don't ask me for one...) and pick which plugins you want to use, then load a game!

My PCSX packages are third party. Assembled without permission from the various authors. Any complaints from copyright holders should be directed to me personally.

Good luck with your Linux (x86) PSX emulation!